Purchase Papaya Seeds

Ordering Rainbow Papaya Seeds

The Hawaii Papaya Industry Association (HPIA) currently has a good supply of Rainbow seed in stock. You may order up to 5 ounces of seed per acre. Payment shall be made upon delivery of seed. HPIA members in good standing may purchase Rainbow seed is $90 / ounce (our cost from the UH). Grower membership in HPIA is $100 per year.

To order seed from HPIA or join as a member, please contact:

Eric Weinert

You can arrange payment and a time to pick up your seed with Eric. The patent prohibits distribution of seed outside the State of Hawaii. HPIA no longer produces it’s own seed. HPIA is distributing seed produced by the University of Hawaii Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Papaya Project. Growers planting this seed are reporting excellent germination (Spring 2024). Hawaii Papaya farmers may produce their own seed. Farmers interested in producing their own seed should contact us so that it is done correctly. Using the correct cultivars is critical to protecting our industry and preserving the virus protection and the integrity of the “Rainbow” variety. Rainbow seed contains the gene to protect the papaya plant from “PRV” (Papaya Ringspot Virus). It is an F1 cross between Kapoho Solo and the Sun-Up varieties. It produces an orange fleshed fruit typically just over one pound in weight that produces excellent fruit in the district of Puna on Hawaii Island.