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Papaya around the World

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Papayas are becoming more popular around the world. Many countries are seeing an increase in demand for healthy tropical papayas as people are becoming more mindful about their health.

Increased orders and tight supplies caused by logistical issues and bad weather in Mexico have led to a rise in prices and sales. The global market for papaya is experiencing a good season.

Most papayas are produced in India, followed by the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia. The United States is by far the largest importer of papayas, mostly from Mexico. Hawaiian papayas are exported to the mainland US, Canada, and Asia. The Island of Hawaii produces 95% of the State’s papaya. Hawaiian papayas are known throughout the world for their superior sweet taste.

Do you ever wonder how people eat papaya in the rest of the world? You may get some great ideas to enjoy your healthy and delicious papaya from reading how people in other parts of the world eat theirs.

Papaya is a very versatile fruit. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or as a healthy snack, either green or ripe, warm, or cold.

In Mexico, people eat ripe Maradol papaya for breakfast sprinkled with lemon and chili. In Thailand, people eat a salad made from grated green papaya tossed with a dressing of garlic, salt, peanuts, sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. A favorite dish in Hawaii and the Philippines is the Chicken Papaya soup, also called “Tinolang Manok”, made with chicken, vegetables, and green unripe papaya. Brazilians eat a traditional desert called “Creme de Papaya”. It is made by blending fresh papaya with vanilla ice cream. It is usually drizzled with cassis liqueur made from black currants. In Ethiopia, people drink a layered smoothie called “Spris” made with fresh papaya, mango, and avocado.

Please check out our recipes page for even more great ideas to enjoy our Hawaiian papayas.