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Minutes March 29, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting

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HPIA Board Meeting

Minutes from March 29, 2019 meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 at Komonhana Ag complex in Hilo

Board Members attending: Eric W, Peter H, Ken O, Toshi A, Schinichi and John Arellano Jr.  A quorum was present to conduct business.

Guests;, Chris Wengler, Sharon Wages

Accept Minutes of the February 22, 2019 Meeting

Peter made a motion to accept the minutes of the February 22, 2018 minutes.  Toshi seconded the motion and the Board approved unanimously without any changes.


There was a video conference held earlier at 1:00 with Oahu to learn about how the FDA will conduct inspections and enforce new FSMA rules that will affect all papaya farmers selling at least $25,000 of produce.  Everyone who qualifies must take an 8 hour course on FSMA at a cost of $150.

Eric made a motion seconded by Ken to have HPIA members current with VPC to be reimbursed $100 of the $150 course fee after completing the course.  Motion carried unanimously.

Sharon can hold class exclusively for papaya growers,  The next class in Hilo will be held May 24, 2019.

Financial Report

Chris submitted the financial statements current through February 2019. Peter moved and Ken seconded to accept the financial reports as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.

Toshi moved and Ken seconded a motion to have HPIA pay SHAC quarterly at the beginning of each quarter on-fourth of the 10% cost share amount for the 2019 year.  The total cost to SHAC is estimated to be $10,000.  Motion carried unanimously.

Seed Policy

Chris reported again at this meeting that despite demand of 332 ounces of seed by members, that he had 233 ounces on hand.  The Board instructed Chris to call everyone on the list and offer to sell them seeds on hand. If the chose not to purchase the seed they would be taken off the list.

Sharon reported that the CTHAR still had not begun planting any papaya trees for making Rainbow seeds despite plans to plant on both Kauai and Waiakea.  She informed the Board that the bulldozing and fencing at Waiakea is out for bid by private contractors.

There was a discussion regarding the pros and cons changing the limitation on the current 2 ounces per acre limitation due to supply shortage.  The Board concluded that they would defer any action of this policy change until next Board meeting in May.



Japan discussion.

Toshi went to Foodex in Japan and will be submitting all receipt and trip report to Suzanne.  He sees demand from processing companies and restaurant chains where there are no labeling requirements for GMO.  He also reported that he was optimistic that the cost of a Phyto for exporting to Japan could be reduced by combining one Phyto for both GMO and non-GMO papaya.

Eric reported on proposed Canada program.  The total approved 2019 programs for Canada are approximately $82,000.  Reverse trade may take up to $20K and Website $9K leaving $53K for Westjet promotions.  Eric explained that this year the idea was to have the WestJet ad include a QRL that consumers could take to their grocery store manager to contact Hawaii suppliers directly.  Suzanne indicated that MAP wants more specific demographic information on our customers in Canada.  There will be a conference call on Tuesday April 2nd to finalize the Canadian program with Westjet.

The Minority Disaster grant that was awarded to SHAC and HPIA is underway.  A contract to produce 10 best practices videos using University of Hawaii minority students for $20K will be signed and the videos produced within the next two months.  The best practices orchard data collection is also ongoing with three participating farmers.

New Business

Toshi reported that Honolulu Shave Ice would like to us the HPIA logo to promote Rainbow Papaya on POP materials.  They plan to make papaya shave ice.  The Board agreed if it had the right to review and approve each POP.

Board of Directors

The Board voted unanimously to approve replacing John Arellano with his son John Arellano Jr. as a permanent director.


AgSafe WPS Training w/ dinner (5-8:30 pm).  Free dinner.

CTHAR ag celebration will be on October 19, 2019



The meeting was adjourned at 4:30

Next meeting is scheduled for Friday May 24, 2019