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February 22, 2019 Board Minutes

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HPIA Board Meeting

Minutes from Feb 22, 2019 meeting

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 at the Calavo offices on 16-664 Milo St, Keaau.

Board Members attending: Eric W, Peter H, Ken O, Toshi A, Koji O and John Arellano  A quorum was present to conduct business.

Guests; Susanne Shriner, Chris Wengler, Suzanne Shriner, Sharon Wages and Chantal Vos

Minutes of the December 10, 2018

Peter made a motion to accept the minutes of the December 10, 2018 minutes.  Toshi seconded the motion and the Board approved unanimously without any changes.

Future Board Meetings

Eric moved and Toshi seconded a motion to move the regularly scheduled HPIA Board meeting to the last Friday of even numbered months, with the next meeting scheduled on March 29, 2019.  The Board approved unanimously.  Chris brought up potential closing issues with odd numbered months and Ken brought up potential conflicts with Christmas/Holiday times.



Japan discussion.  Koji notified group that he had made his first shipment of GMO papaya to Japan.  His target for 2019 was 30,000 pounds.

Toshi will be going to Foodex in Japan next week and taking his wife to help in booth.  He estimated that fruit and phyto costs to be approximately $1,500.  Toshi moved and Ken seconded a motion for HPIA to pay those costs as SHAC funding does not cover those costs,  Board approved unanimously.

Suzanne informed board that approximately $100,000 in funds has been approved for 2019, the late notice this year was due to the government shutdown.  She will be contacting 3 agents in Japan to get bids to administer Japan programs as the current contract with Jimmy has expired.  These programs shall benefit everyone equitably in HPIA.  Once bids are in, she will inform board and fine tune 2019 programs.  Additionally, the reverse trade portion will be done in conjunction with Sharon Hurd at the HDoA this year, taking some monies from both the Japan and Canada budget.

Eric reported on proposed Canada program.  The total approved 2019 programs for Canada are approximately $82,000.  Reverse trade may take up to $20K and Website $9K leaving $53K for Westjet promotions.  Eric explained that this year the idea was to have the WestJet ad include a QRL that consumers could take to their grocery store manager to contact Hawaii suppliers directly.


Crop Insurance

Eric moved and Toshi seconded a motion to have HPIA support and advocate for changes to USDA papaya crop insurance to more accurately reflect our crop planting cycle (planting monthly all year around on at three year crop) for both the fruit and the tree programs.  Motion carried unanimously.

Currently the program allows insurance on trees that are a year old on a specific date each year so potentially a crop or a tree may not be insurable until 23 months of age, missing the major fruiting portion of a crops cycle.


Seed Policy

Chris reported that despite demand of 332 ounces of seed by members, that he had 128 ounces on hand and many growers were not ready to make the purchase of seed for whatever reason.  Sharon reported that the CTHAR still had not begun planting any papaya trees for making Rainbow seeds despite plans to plant on both Kauai and Waiakea.  She will update board before next meeting.  Eric reported that Calavo growers did not need seed in 2019, as had made their own seed.  Additionally, the HPIA held a training session for HPIA members to learn how to make their own seeds.  Approximately a dozen growers attended the training session.  Ross Sibucau wrote a letter to the Board indicating that he has planted a Rainbow seed production field and has begun pollinating but cannot yet predict how much seed he will be able to supply.

There was a discussion regarding the pros and cons changing the limitation on the current 2 ounces per acre limitation due to supply shortage.  The Board concluded that they would defer any action of this policy change until next Board meeting.



Peter made a motion, seconded by Ken, to give a t-shirt at no cost to the Board Members and guests attending this Board meeting and to offer for sale HPIA t-shirts for $20 each to HPIA members.  The Board approved unanimously.  The cost of the shirt was approximately $12.05 each and are available in long sleeve colors grey and yellow in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

Dues, Officers and Board.

Eric brought up a discussion for Board to consider changing the dues structure.  He suggested that for those companies actively selling papayas to continue paying VPC and those growers who do not sell and actively use the marketing of HPIA and SHAC to pay just dues, and perhaps adjusting the dollar cost of the annual membership dues.

The Board agreed to keep the same officers and members of the Board intact until our next annual meeting in November where elections will be held.

Toshi thought it was important to have an economic incentive for membership now that the Rainbow seed  will no longer be exclusively produced and sold under HPIA control.



The meeting was adjourned at 4:30

Next meeting is scheduled for Friday March 29, 2019